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An account is also called as the foundation of any accounting system. The accounting system is a representation of various accounts regarding their transactions regarding assets, liabilities, revenues, expenditures and capital. All these data are accumulated in order to make financial statements of an individual or a firm. A continuous check on transactions of an account is necessary to keep. The job prospectus of studying accounts is vast in the areas of accountant, consultant, financial advisor etc. in order to achieve these jobs; the students are expected to excel in their field of academics. Submission of homework and projects not only helps to gain good grades but also helps in revision and understanding the concepts. That is why we here provide accounts type homework help to students and help them to excel.

Components of an account


The account is an intangible safe environment where individuals and firms can keep their records of monetary and property issues. An account is personal and hence dictates the transaction records that may help to prepare the financial statements too. An account consists of the following things into it
• The title of the account that is also named as cash account or asset account etc.
• A column representing the increase or decrease in monetary amount in the account.
• Dates of transactions with descriptive notations.
• Cross reference with other accounting records.
From our accounts type homework help students can benefit themselves with the explanations regarding each of the mentioned components.

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Debit and credit


Any transaction done by a business firm or individual should be verified for its correctness. Accounting measures do that. The term debit and credit are the ones used for incoming and outgoing of cash respectively. In an account system the debit and credit are separated by showing them in the left hand and right hand side of the account page. In the debit column all the monetary entries are fed and to credit column all the monetary exits are recorded. The abbreviations used for them are Dr. and Cr.
Apart from them, our accounts type homework help team experts suggest that there are 5 other types of account that provides us information about the items stored in that account. They are
1. Asset account: assets are the stuffs whose value increases with due course of time. An asset may include gold, or any other real estate property. In this also the debit and credit sides are mentioned to show the flow of transaction.
2. Liabilities account: when we mix liability with equity, it converts to asset but without equity liability is just a transaction that is done by the firm whose value is not that much. These liabilities are maintained in the form of cash in liabilities accounts.
3. Owner’s equity account: this is owner’s personal account and he decides how to use it. He can wither use it by mixing it with liability account or separately.
4. Revenue account: the collected revenue from the business is stored and hence used further for any other purpose. This purpose can be further investment or maintenance of business.
5. Expenses account: the expenditure done on productivity, labor, machinery etc is recorded as expenses and hence all the records are kept in expense accounts.

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