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With all the calculations and mathematical models, accounting sometimes becomes a rather complicated subject for the students. Various approaches towards the same problem have been invented in order to keep the track of accounting. An inevitable record system is made. These complications can be dealt with by proper and regular practice of accounting problems in homework and assignments. We here deliver adjusted trial balance accounting homework help to the accounts students from our professional writers. The touch of our professionalism will certainly beautify the homework and hence makes it more readable.

Adjusted trial balance accounting

a journal is used to enter all the balances and expenses done by a firm for a financial period. Soon after these entries are registered in the journals, balance of ledger accounts is created. This list consists balances of revenues and expenses and is termed as adjusted trial balance. Even the assets, liabilities and equities are also added along with the balance. Adjusted trial balance is almost directly issued in the balance sheet while the stock holder’s income statement is manipulated. Cash flow information cannot be made in this and hence restricted. In our Adjusted trial balance accounting homework help we solve the balance sheet and provide a detailed view on every expense and revenue from a professional point of view.

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Format for an adjusted trial balance

The formats of an adjusted trial balance and an unadjusted trial balance are no different. The upper most heading will contain three rows that represent the name of the company, name of the trial balance and date of reporting period. On the left side of the column account names, debits and credits are installed and analyzed. On the right side, credit is shown.

The house of assets, liabilities and equities is a balance sheet. They are arranged in order along with the income and expense accounts. The debit and credit columns are tried to keep equal as they are calculated at the bottom of the trial balance. If the total is somehow unequal, it signifies the anomaly and certain flaws with the calculations. The journal entries transferred to the ledger accounts in an incorrect manner can be also a big reason for such an anomaly.


Let’s take an example of a company by the name of JKL and the adjusted entries are posted to its ledger accounts. So the calculation of new account balances compiled by our Adjusted trial balance accounting homework help team experts is done in the following way.


Company JKL

Adjusted Trial Balance
AUGUST 31, 2017
Debit Credit
Cash $40,530
Accounts Receivable 5,600
Office Supplies 3,450
Prepaid Rent 20,000
Equipment 60,000
Accumulated Depreciation $3,450
Accounts Payable 4,800
Utilities Payable 2,657
Unearned Revenue 800
Interest Payable 350
Notes Payable 17,000
Common Stock 88,000
Service Revenue 78,690
Wages Expense 40,250 10,940
Supplies Expense 18,450
Rent Expense 9,700
Miscellaneous Expense 1,999
Electricity Expense 2,135
Telephone Expense 1,768
Depreciation Expense 1,700
Interest Expense 350
Dividend 4,000
Total $209,932 $206,687

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