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Accounting refers to keeping track of financial records and accounts. It is also called the “Language of business’, and we Advanced accounting homework help online service providersknow this language in simpler way. Accountancy is the way of analyzing and reporting transactions and carrying out the tax operations. They are also called bookkeepers. Advanced Accounting covers complex issue of accounting such as accounting operations, overseas business, and financial operations involving different companies. They carry out distribution of payments in an organized way. The leasing of contracts is also carried out by them.

Parts of Accounting:-

•Financial Accounting: -It includes providing financial information and aid to the investors and regulators. It focuses on generating financial statements and slips. These statements carry out companies operations and financial positions. It tracks the cash flow of thousands of transactions.
•Cost Accounting: – Cost Accounting helps business take decisions about costing. Essentially, cost accounting considers all of the costs related to producing a product. Managers use this assumption to determine the cost of the product. Here a lot of importance is given to cost analysis as it drives the economic standard of the company.
•Management Accounting: – It is Lot simpler than the above process as it involves quarterly or monthly submission of throughout monitored data. This data analysis provides company details and helps in decision making.
•Auditing: – It is a process of examining and verifying the financial books of a company or organization. It also ensures that the records are updated along. It can be for a particular company, process or even for a step. It is an evaluation of records to verify whether the transactions made are correct in terms of the amount listed. It is done by qualified accountants called auditors
All the accounting is done with respect to GAAP (General accepted accounting principles).It is universal accepted principle followed to prepare sheet. Advanced accounting homework help online fixes the complexity of accounting and provides simpler way.

Steps in Accounting Process:-

• Identifying Transactions.
• Analyzing Business Schedules.
• Adjusting Entries
• Initiating Financial Statements
• Closing Entries.

Process to Follow While Accounting:-

1. Accruals Concept- Revenue and expenses are recorded when they occur.
2. Consistency Concept- Fixed Accounting Method to be used throughout the accounting process.
3. Concern Concept- Accounting to be done after fully studying the business entity to avoid breakage of flow of transactions.
4. Prudence Concept- Revenue and profits are included in balance sheets. It is also called conservation concept.
5. Accounting Period Concept- It means that there is a fixed period for the transaction to take place.

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• Commitment to meet deadline
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• Language not to be a barrier for understanding/
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• Covering all the concepts of accounting.
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