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It is a process of examining and verifying the financial books of a company or organization. It also ensures that the records are updated along. It can be for a particular company, process or even for a step. It is an evaluation of records to verify whether the transactions made are correct in terms of the amount listed. It is done by qualified accountants called auditors. When a firm requires a need of bookkeeping they turn to perform auditing. Publicly auditing is done by I.R.S. The detailed insights of audit can be availed by Auditing Homework Writing Help.

Types of Auditing Listed By Auditing Homework Writing Help

•Product Audit: – It is more of an inspection rather auditing, it specializes in verifying of products comprising of hardware and specifications required in a company. It evaluates whether the listed products meet the required criteria.
•Process Audit: – It verifies the steps performed to do the required operations within the organization. It checks the efficiency of process such as time, pressure, accuracy. It also indulges in the process making acts such as operation structure of the company.
•System Audit: – It basically goes through company policies and contract involved. It is more of a moral verification of a firm’s decision making activities.

Purpose of Auditing Described By Auditing Homework Writing Help

•Certification: – This is done by most of the companies whose products are always under scrutiny. Products such as toys, flammable objects, expensive materials, and food and beverages industries to cap of their customer’s with a valid report on the product audit.
•Follow up Audit:-This type of audit is performed to find the correction in audit previously made. This ensures a better management as well as protection from a claim.
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Phases of Auditing

• Audit Preparation:-It is done with ensuring every important aspect of an audit in place such as lead auditor and client etc.
• Audit Performance: – It Is time period where all information is gathered and up for using .
• Audit Reporting and Closure:-The Final Stages Where all the accounts and books are covered and presented.

Auditing Homework Writing Help provides deep knowledge about Auditing such as

First party Audit:-This is done by the organization itself to improve shortcomings in the organization and increase the efficiency of firm. It is done by the auditor hired by the company. It is also referred as internal audit. The result here does not create any speculations rather it is more of personal analysis.
Second Party Audit:-This is also called external audit. This is performed by contracted auditor to meet the necessary bylaws as instructed. The Result here is more formal than that of First Party Audit as it can overturn a decision.

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