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The Balance Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic management system used to determine various internal functions to help the management in controlling the organization. It is used to provide feedback to organizations. In the early 1990s, the balance scorecard was established by Robert Kaplan and David Norton at the Harvard Business School. It is mentioned in Balance Scorecard Homework Help that Balance Scorecard is a methodological tool used to manage objectives of a business. It is used extensively in government, industry, profit and non-profit organizations. There are four aspects or perspectives of Balance Scorecard explained in the following section of Balance Scorecard Homework Help.

Perspectives of Balance Scorecard

The four core perspectives of balance scorecard explained in Balance Scorecard Homework Help are given below
• Customer Perspective- In the customer perspective of balance scorecard, the organization considers the business through the perception of customers. It can be studied in Balance Scorecard Homework Help.
• Financial Perspective- The financial perspective figures out whether the company’s strategy is benefiting the shareholders or not. It is also known as Stewardship.
• Learning and Growth Perspective- It is concerned with the implementation of various strategies and training program for the benefit of organization’s people. The main goal of learning and growth perspective is to satisfy the employees.
• Business Perspective- The business perspective of balance Scorecard focuses on the performance of key internal factors that help the management to drive the organization. It can be studied in Balance Scorecard Homework Help.
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