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To begin with, Bond is a form of loan or debt security under which the issuer owes the holder a debt and according to the terms of the bond, he is obliged to pay the interest at a later date. It is a legal document which puts limitations on the issuer and states the bondholders’ rights. When long term investments are to be done, the borrower signs bond with the external investors and sometimes government also loans to finance the current expenditure which is also provided by the bond. Bond has got a defined term or period and after that length it is redeemed. Bond Features Homework Help shall highlight the basic features of a bond so that by the end of this, students can have a clearer idea about the bond and its features.

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Features of Bond


Bonds are generally issued through underwriting by the public authorities, credit institutions in the primary market. The various features of bond explained in Bond Features Homework Help are given below

• Maturity: Maturity is nothing but the time at which the bond matures and the bondholder receives the final payment of interest as well as principal. Maturity affects the yield on the bond. Maturity can be classified into three categories is given in Bond Features Homework Help

 Short term maturity = 1-5 years in length
 Intermediate term maturity = 5-12 years in length
 Long term maturity = 12 or more years in length

• Principal: It is the amount on which the issuers pays interest and after particular terms i.e. end of the term, has to be repaid.

• Coupon Rate: A coupon rate is the interest rate, the bond will pay the holders each year. A bond’s price gets affected by the coupon rate, higher the coupon rate, less the bond price.

• Yield: The rate of return that is to be received from investing in the bond is known as yield. There are two types of yield: – current or running yield i.e. annual interest payment divided by current market price of bond and the yield to maturity or redemption yield i.e. equivalent to the internal rate of return of a bond.

• Credit Quality: It refers probability that the bond issuers will receive the amount promised at the due dates.

• Market Price: Factors such as amounts, currency, timing of the interest payment, quality of the bond, yield redemption of other bonds and the capital repayment dues influence the market price of a bond the most.

Other features include indentures and covenants; optionality like callability, putability, call dates and put dates, sinking fund and smart bond can be studied in Bond Features Homework Help.

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