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Cash Flow Statement


The cash equivalent inflows and outflows are found out from the cash flow statements. By cash we mean cash in hand. As demand is deposited in the bank the cash is liquid and can be converted to various entities in the market like government bonds and short term commercial papers. This justifies the cash in hand and cash in bank at the initial and termination period of accounting.

All the cash equivalents that have been resulted from operations, expenses, investments and financial activities, when reflected in financial statement are termed as cash flow statement. Any business’s plans and terms in the form of cash inflow and outflow for a provided specific span of time is reflected in cash flow statement. Cash flow statement homework help restricts the business from showing a proper value of profit that it may earn but it can surely define the current position of the firm financially on a particular period of time. From our Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help article, we discuss the methods of preparing it.

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Presentation of Cash Flow Statement


There are numerous ways for a firm to generate cash and our cash flow statement homework help article classifies them through 3 groups.

1. Operating activities: This includes cash activities that are in relation with net income. Cash flow from the operating activities is known from the principle revenue generating works of the firm. Cash earned from sales and cash paid for the merchandise are considered as operating activities, in our cash flow statement homework help article, as revenues and expenses are added here in net income.

2. Investing activities: the assets that are noncurrent in nature are included in this cash activity. Long term investments, property or equipment, loans of the firm for other entities are considered under noncurrent assets.
3. Financing activities: the claims of future cash flow by givers of funds to the firm are predicted by the financing activities. It shows cash activities that are in relation with noncurrent liabilities such as principle amount of long term debts, stock sales and repurchases, and dividend payments.

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