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Conflict occurs whenever individuals or group of individuals seek their own self-interest. It could be both at work place and home. Conflict is often inevitable in business and might lead to an unpleasant scenario. The causes of conflict included in Conflict Management Homework Help are- stress, incongruence, weak leadership, incompatibility, understanding difference, etc. Conflicts can arise on the basis of scope, involvement, strategy, results, interests, rights, and many other factors. The different types of conflict management styles have been discussed in the following segment of Conflict Management Homework Help.

Conflict Management Styles

The main aim of conflict management is to minimize conflicts at all levels. Some of the conflict management styles explained in Conflict Management Homework Help are given below
• Accommodating (yield-lose/win) – It is explained in Conflict Management Homework Help that accommodating is the opposite of competing. It means neglecting own wish and providing the opposite side with the benefit of what they want. When one party wants to keep peace and resolve the issue, then accommodating strategy comes into play.
• Avoiding- It is mentioned in Conflict Management Homework Help, avoiding strategy is used when a party delays or avoids the conflict hoping that the problem will resolve itself. Usually parties having low esteem or at a low position of power frequently avoid conflict.
• Collaborating- Collaborating strategy can be studied in Conflict Management Homework Help. The main objective of collaborating strategy is to find a suitable solution that could be accepted by all involved parties.
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