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Law is a wide area to study upon. Every country has different laws which the citizen of the particular country has to follow. There are various laws like criminal law, property law, company law, contract law and many more. Students have to study a lot who has opted law as a subject. Usually law demands for analyzing different types of cases with a visionary mind. But in today’s time none has a time to study each case in a detailed manner. Most of the students have chosen to pursue many other online courses simultaneously and that make them busy with heap of assignment work and countless projects.

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About contract law homework help


Contract law is a written agreement between two parties where generally they get agreed upon certain terms and conditions in order to save themselves to get into any kind of disputes and quarrels in the near future regarding business. Contracts are generally generated and monitored by the laws in the state. There are various types of laws of contract and it depends upon the sales of the goods or property lease. Different types of contracts are employment agreement, leases, general business agreement are managed by common laws of the state. Common laws are traditional based and the laws which are designed on the regularly basis are imposed by court orders. These common laws are basically less powerful than the contract that is for state affecting the sales of goods. Contract law case study homework help offers the best assistance to the students on the basics of contract law which is helpful for the students to get the concepts clearer in their minds.

Commonly used terms in contract law


The three main commonly used terms in contract laws are:

  • Contract formation:

When someone starts the business, to pay respect to each other value and duties, this law has been designed.

  • Offer and acceptance:

Under this head, one party offers and another one accepts.

  • Intention to create legal intention:

This point states that not every contract can be imposed by the court.

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