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Defensive Strategy is one of the marketing strategies adopted to reduce the risks related to loss of customers due to competition in the market. There are many management tools under this strategy that protect the business firms from any attack by competitors. Defensive Strategy Homework Help tells us that Defensive Strategy is all about having a proper know-how about when to start operating in new markets. The main aim is to reach the position of market leader by taking defensive steps rather than attacking the competitors who aim for the same position. As mentioned in Defensive Strategy Homework Help, there are many passive goals too which include winning over old customers and new product launch.

Advantages of Defensive Strategy

There are many advantages of Defensive strategy over other marketing strategies. They are mentioned below in Defensive Strategy Homework Help
• Defensive strategies can increase the chances of market expansion and product advertisement, which can be further used to attract new customers as well as keep the old customers satisfied.
• Defensive Strategy Homework Help tells us that these strategies involve fewer risk factors as compared to offensive strategies because the firm can always employ passive measures to maintain their desired market position.
• The most important thing about Defensive Strategy is that it always encourages a firm to work more efficiently and make its product better in order to devalue its opponent’s product. This leads to a better functioning of the company in the long-run. Other advantages of defensive strategy can be studied in Defensive Strategy Homework Help.

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