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The product whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets or base is known as derivative. It is an instrument whose value is derived from other underlying assets such as currency, bonds, stocks, etc. The derivative market has three types of traders or we can say three types of participants in derivative market, they are- arbitrageurs, speculators and hedgers. In a derivative market, if there is any risk associated with asset’s price, then the hedgers eliminate these risks by using futures and options market. To know more about arbitrageurs and speculators, please refer Derivative Homework Help, where our experts have explained each and every topic related to derivatives.

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Types of Derivative


In business market, there are six types of derivatives. The different types of derivative explained in Derivative Homework Help are given below

• Over-the-counter derivatives- When there is trade between two parties and no exchange takes place, then this type of derivative is known as Over-the-counter derivative. It can be studied in Derivative Homework Help.

• Forwards- In forward contract, two parties enter into a customized contract and settlement is done on a specified date. Here, one is buyer and the other is seller. Both the parties agree to buy or sell something on an agreed price at a future date. Forward contracts are also called forward commitments. It is the simplest and oldest form of derivative available today.

• Futures- Futures contract is quite similar to forward contact except the fact that both the parties do not enter into any agreement. A daily settlement procedure of gains and losses is followed as these contracts are listed on the exchange. These contracts have very low counter party risk. However, the contract size is pre-determined and fixed. Derivative Homework Help shall thrive towards making the topic illustrious to help in simplified learning.

• Options- Options contract is different from both forwards contract and futures contract. Here, one is buyer (holder) and the other is seller (writer). There are two types of options contract- call option and put option. The call option provides the right (not obligation) to buy a stock at a pre-determined price. The put option provides the right (not obligation) to sell a stock at a pre-determined price.

• Swaps- Swap is the most complicated type of derivative. The parties exchange (swap) assets or debts for a similar kind. Swap derivatives help to reduce the risk for the participants. The most popular swaps include currency swaps and interest rate swaps. The other forms of swaps are credit default swaps, equity swaps and commodity swaps.

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