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The term divestiture signifies a partial or complete withdrawal of a business firm through closure, sale, or product exchange. According to Divestiture Strategy Homework Help, Divestiture strategies are initiated by the management when they decide to cease the market activities due to the inability of the firm to be a part of the core competency. A business unit may also adopt divestiture strategies after forming a merger or acquisition in order to increase the resale value of the firm as a result of the disposal of the redundant unit. The advantages of divestiture strategy have been mentioned in the following section of Divestiture Strategy Homework Help.

Advantages of Divestiture Strategy

Divestiture Strategies are accepted by many firms for a higher firm value and overall development of the company. There are many more advantages of divestiture strategy which are mentioned in Divestiture Strategy Homework Help
• Strategic Focus– When the companies find assets or units that are no more useful or yield less profit than expected, they divest it. This allows the company to maintain a strategic focus on limited units. Divesting the less profitable units allow the company to manage their internal assets more efficiently. Strategic Focus can be studied in Divestiture Strategy Homework Help.
• Transparency and Value– The companies with diverse business relations and large marketing activities tend to acquire better operational transparency by applying divestiture strategies. Divestiture Strategy Homework Help tells us that large companies with multiple lenders and investors must have more focus on transparency because of the variation in information that different owners and the managers have.
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