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Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning

ERP refers to business software that has been designed to record and manage business data. In this modern business world ERP plays a very important role in every stage of business. The processes needed to run a company efficiently like HR, manufacturing services ,supply chain and others .ERP integrates these processes into a single system.ERP provides vital information at every aspect of a business, it brings visibility and efficiency in a business. It assist business in taking various necessary decisions and manage performance by providing real time information across departments.ERP can assist with customer orders, operation scheduling, keeping inventory record and final data.

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Benefit of Enterprise Resources Planning for Business

ERP is a must tool for every business organization as it works to assist business from management of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods. Some of the benefits of enterprise resources planning are classified as follows
1. Flexibility: ERP system is very flexible, which makes it easy to add new functions to the system as required by the business .it helps easy management of new processes, department and more
2. Better reporting: an improper reporting can result in inefficient operational work .with ERP an automated reporting system is adopted.ERP allows various departments to seamlessly access information.
3. Better quality data: today in this competitive business world using the traditional or manual record keeping can lead to inefficiency in business.ERP system assists with an improved data quality as a result better decisions reached.
4. Low operational cost: ERP allows real time collection of data, with its improved and innovative fundamental system of managing resources it eliminates delays reducing the cost of operations.
5. Better chain of supply: ERP system when used in the right place it assists with demand forecasting, inventory management etc improving the entire chain of supply and makes it more responsive.
6. Reduction in complexity: ERP with its various tools reduces the complexity of a business improving the workflow of business that makes the entire resource chain efficient and helps business to achieve their goal.

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