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Outline of financial report analysis


The company’s financial report identifies the following elements for the reporting periods:

• Trends:
Generating trend lines for main elements in the financial reports to analyses the company’s performance. Trends basically involve gross margin, net profits, cash, accounts receivable and debt.
• Proportion analysis:
Its main function is to separate the relationship between the size of different financial statements.
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Clients of financial report analysis


The various users of financial analysis are as follows:

• Creditors
• Investors
• Management
• Regulatory authorities
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Techniques of financial report analysis

There are two main techniques of financial report analysis which is given below:
• Horizontal analysis
It is in the form of series which compares the financial details as per reporting periods. It is mainly the review of the results of multiple time periods.
• Vertical analysis
It is a kind of proportional analysis which shows every item of financial report is listed as a percentage of another item. It is a review of proportion of accounts to each other.


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