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Kurtosis is a statistical tool. This is used to portray the skewness of data around the central or mean value. It is extremely helpful in deciding the trends in various charts. Kurtosis is the measure of overall weight of the tails of distribution as compared to the rest of distribution. With the presence of Kurtosis, the normal bell shaped curve has different tails. For further information, go through Kurtosis Homework Help. Kurtosis portrays lack of symmetry. At times, Kurtosis can be evenly distributed with equal tails. Kurtosis can be present in two types. Either with fat tails or thin tails. I the former, the distribution is even while in the latter, distribution happen to be concentrated at the centre. For a detailed account on Kurtosis, refer Kurtosis Homework Help.

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Types of Kurtosis

1. Mesokurtic: A graph is said to be mesokurtic when it closely resembles a normal distribution curve. This means that the graph is not standard normal distribution. Yet, it resembles the bell shape. The curve is seen with fatter tails and accompanied with a shorter peak too. For better understanding of concepts, go through Kurtosis Homework Help.
2. Leptokurtic: This graph has more Kurtosis than the former. The special feature of this graph is that it has a tall and lean peak. The tails are extremely fat. All the T distributions happen to be leptokurtic. For further insight into the subject, refer and study, Kurtosis Homework Help.
3. Platykurtic: Uniform distribution is a good example of platykurtic distribution. Such graphs characteristically show thin tails. The peaks happen to be broad and short. For learning more, refer Kurtosis Homework Help.
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