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Leverage is a term used to measure relationship between to variables. Leverage, as a financial management term, refers to the borrowing of funds in order to finance the purchase of a company’s assets. The different types of leveraged investments are
• It is applied to real estate.
• It is used in the stock market.
• It can also be used by the bond-market investors.
There are many advantages of leverage; one of its benefits is that it helps to retain full control and ownership over the business. Leverages Homework Help provides basis knowledge and a depth idea regarding leverage. It provides an insight on different types of leverages in accounting.

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Types of Leverages

The different types of leverages explained in Leverages Homework Help are given below
• Operating Leverage- The leverage associated with the operating activities of a firm is known as operating leverage. It is the ratio of fixed operating costs to variable costs. Its formula is- OL (operating leverage) = Contribution/Operating Profits. The firm is said to have high operating leverage when the amount of fixed cost is greater than the amount of variable cost. Degree of Operating Leverage (DOL) = Percentage change in EBT/percentage change in sales. Higher amount of sales is required to reach the break-even point and it is determined by the operating leverage. Many students find it difficult to understand the concept of leverage. Leverages Homework Help does the work; it provides notes on all topics related to it. Thus, it is an effective approach towards better understanding.
• Financial Leverage- The leverage associated with the financing activities of a firm is known as financial leverage. It is also referred as trading on equity. It helps in examining the relationship between EPS (earning per share) and EBIT (earnings before income and tax) of a firm.Degree of financial leverage (DFL) = Percentage change in EPS/percentage change in EBT.Its formula is: FL (financial leverage) = Operating Profit/ Profit before tax. With the help of financial leverage, the company can take decisions regarding its capital structure. It increases with the increase in amount of debt.
• Combined Leverage- In order to increase profits, the company uses both operating leverage and financial leverage. Its formula is- CL (combined leverage) = OL (operating leverage)*FL (financial leverage), or CL = Contribution/Earnings before tax. In short words, it is the combination of financial and operating leverage. Degree of Combined Leverage (DCL) = Percentage change in EPS/Percentage change in sales. One of the advantages of combined leverage is that it shows the combined effect of both leverages. Students can find numerical related to all the three types of leverages in Leverages Homework Help.

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