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Material management is the record of keeping inventory used in production. The inventory should be always present when required in a clean and organized form. Material management looks after the removal of damaged materials and maintenance of them unless the new stock arrives. Material control is considered to be the major occupation of material management. A smooth an uninterrupted procedure for production would require control over the materials used in it. The basic objective, necessity and importance of material control are specified in our material control homework help. This online service is to make students aware of various fundamentals of material control.

Introduction to material control

A systematic control over procurement, storage, maintenance and consumption of materials at the time of running production is the major aspect of material management. It also ensures to avoid over-stockings with smooth channeling for supply of materials. The loss of materials at the time of receiving is recorded and usual measures like re ordering or using stock inventory is taken by the management to keep the work going. The efficiency of a business can be improvised by substantially using material control. From our material control homework help, our experts in writing homework will let you know the importance of material control.

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Objectives of material control

Although material management handles the material control completely but the objectives that it fulfills should be known in order to do so. They are compiled by our material control homework help team as follows

i. To ensure the uninterrupted production to avoid substantial loss to a concern.
ii. To ensure procurement of quality material. A strict supervision over quality control, purchase, storage and handling of material is required for it.
iii. Wastage is minimized by material control. All the damaged material is identified in the beginning itself and hence is restricted to enter the production line.
iv. Fixes responsibilities of operating units.
v. It provides information about the change in prices of the materials.

Necessity and importance of material control

As our material control homework help experts suggest, in a productive industry the need of materials control comes on account of the following reasons

1. When the requirement of keeping raw materials in stock comes up.
2. To ensure the proper storage of material along with preservation of safety material at enormous storage facility. Quality materials can be maintained by using this method.
3. The requirement to know the complete production cost and control over materials.
4. Optimum utilization of materials.
5. A continuous update on material loss and damage to ensure a proper system of material control.

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