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A firm or company holds is concerned about its 4-Ms. Material, Machine, Money and Manpower. All these 4 combine themselves to provide the firm with usual profit and helps to improvise their status in market. Out of which material is the most crucial topic to discuss with. Any substance that is used in primary production of goods can be termed as material. These materials can be natural like wood for carpentering or metals like making grills and doors. Sometimes these materials are manmade like cloth made from cotton to produce apparels like shirt and jeans. A raw material after procurement by the inventory stock are called commodities and hence altered for use in various processes beforehand being used in the manufacturing sector. To provide more details over the topic and help the students to finish their homework, we launch our new material homework help service in which we hold solid grounds over the area of materials management.

Importance of materials in productivity


From a manufacturer point of view, materials management is a crucial effect and holds importance in the following ways that our material homework help team compiled.
1. Accuracy in inventory stock: a poorly managed inventory can lead to extra expenses in filling and maintaining it. All the lost and misused stock in inventory can lead to pauses in production processes. This will result in addition of cost along with wastage of materials. Accurate tracking with good inventory management perspectives are required.
2. Enables Just in Time (JIT) policy: the term lean manufacturing comes in action here when we talk about JIT.
According to this all the materials required in the production of a particular item are delivered to the factory level just before the begging of production. This saves ultimately the inventory stock being damaged and provides more space for utilization in floor shops.
3. Freight costs are optimized: the cost consuming overnight deliveries along with expedited deliveries are hence reduced. Low cost shipping can be introduced if the supplier is aware of the quality and quantity of requirement.
4. Rise in quality control: high value quality products are ensured before sending them to production sector. Materials management ensures that no damaged product is delivered. This will result in smooth production flow and improvises the goods quality.

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Sourcing and processing of raw materials


A secret to a good quality finished product is a combination of good quality material used for it along with the processing technique of the material. Either domestic sources or non domestic sources can be utilized in order to fulfill this. A few points are to be considered before selecting the process technology and our material homework help team suggest them below.
• It is important to judge the level of skillful workers as well as the running condition of machinery beforehand
• The quantity of power and other necessities like water should be abundantly present
• To ascertain the copyright issues
• If at all any pollution regulation is needed to be fulfilled with government or not
• The feasibility of the technology processing with current surroundings and environment.
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