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When the higher order management of the firm including owners, presidents and chairman take the help of accounting information in order to formulate new policies that may affect the day to day activities in the firm, it is called as management accounting. Our Online Management Accounting homework Help experts from the team, who have worked in the field for many years, suggest that it includes the planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling of the accounting details. These functions, based on management, are done to maximize the profit and productivity of the firm under any circumstances.

Functions and objectives of management accounting

The basic objective of a management accounting is to provide correct accounting details to the management. This is done because of the following reasons compiled in our Online Management Accounting homework Help article.

1. Assistance in planning: As mentioned above, the accounting details help the management to formulate new policies in order to maximize the profit. This is done by making certain forecast about the production, selling, cash inflow and outflow etc. An expected rate of return is also forecasted along with the parameters.

2. Assistance in organizing: By organizing here we mean the certain cost centers allocation with resources and preparation of their budgets. Delegates are allotted with responsibilities to utilize the resources properly with minimal waste. This results in an inter personal relationship among the various departments.

3. Assistance in motivation: In our Online Management Accounting homework Help article, we put emphasis over the man power and labor of the firm. By providing the labors a motivational planning, their efficiency can be raised.

4. Coordination: Coordination among various activities of the departments such as budgeting all activities by integrating various functional budgets and naming it as a master budget under one roof.

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Functions of management activities

The things that management accounting satisfies for the firm are based on the functions it perform. Our Online Management Accounting homework Help team experts have compiled them for you as follows

1. Data manipulation: a process of classification and combination is provided to the data in order to segregate and keep them under their respective areas. For example, sales figures can be segregated in terms of products, territory and salesman.

2. Facilitation of management control: all activities performed in the firm are directed towards the same goal with increase efficiency. This can be done by constant controlling of the operations in the company. Standard costing along with budgetary control systems is one of the ways it can be achieved in an optimized way.

3. Qualitative information usage: qualitative information is different from monetary information. Engineering records and statistical compilations are the sources of such information. Even certain case studies define management that only financial data is not responsible for helping them.

4. Various levels of management benefit: there are various levels in a management including top level, medium level and lower lever. The top level deals with the reports of entire activities in the firm at relatively long intervals. Technical data regularity is governed by the middle level and the lower level looks at the detailed figures anticipated by the activity group at a short interval of time.

Scope of management accounting

The following are the areas where the accounting management keeps a wider scope. For the following information our Online Management Accounting homework Help team is too keen to explain.

• Financial accounting
• Cost accounting
• Revaluation accounting
• Statistical method
• Operational research
• Taxation
• Organization and method
• Office service
• Law
• Internal audit
• Internal reporting

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