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What is Optimality Test?

An optimality test is a method used in various problems including transportation problem that can help to optimize the path and reduce the transportation cost. MODI test or UV test is one of the most efficient tests for such problems. In this article for Optimality test by MODI method or UV method homework help, we explain it taking a small example and steps.

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Steps of MODI Test

As our Optimality test by MODI method or UV method homework help article states, a row and column method is to be opted for such solutions. The steps are listed below.
1. Cost matrix should only be made in the cells where allocation has been done.
2. A set of numbers is to be installed in the top for matrix and across the left side as well. Their sum should be equal to the cost entered in the 1st step.
3. The vacant cells are to be filled by the summation of top matrix and across the left side values entered in step 2.
4. Values are to subtracted from the cell values shown in step 3 from the original cost matrix. This is known as evaluation matrix.
5. The cell evaluation turns out to be negative and defines not an optimal solution. The following steps are further directed in this Optimality test by MODI method or UV method homework help article in order to find an optimal solution.
6. The cell with the most negative entries is to be identifies and initial feasible solution are written in that matrix.
7. A path is to be traced containing of a series of alternatively vertical and horizontal lines and terminates itself in the cell.
8. The total cost for the feasible solution id identifies and it will be less than the cost allocated in the real feasible solution.
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