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Capitalization means the valuation of a company in an ordered manner that is the sum of a company’s stock, long term debts and retained earnings and also represents the number of outstanding shares multiplied by share price. Capitalisation is basically of three types named as over capitalization, under capitalization and fair capitalization. The situation in which a company cannot explain or justify its earnings with respect to the capital which is invested for the purpose is known as over capitalization. The state of the company in which it is unable to give a normal fair return on the amount of stock that has been issued. A company is said to be overcapitalized when there is more capital prevailing than required and hence it promotes improper use of the invested funds. Over capitalisation arises when the amount of public deposits and loans go beyond the current value of the assets. Over Capitalization Homework Help would help in better understanding of the concept of over capitalisation.

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Effects of Over Capitalization

The various effects of over capitalization explained in Over Capitalization Homework Help are
• Loss of goodwill and difficulties in obtaining capital: Since there is a reduction in the earning capacity of a company in an over capitalised situation therefore, there will be fall in the market price of its shares and there by the investors would be less confident in making the investment. In such a situation, the company would sell its shares at lower prices than its original face value which would eventually decrease the goodwill in the market. As stated above the investors would lose their confidence in the company during over capitalization. Therefore, they would invest less and there would be less capital available.
• Reduced dividends and loss on speculation: A company which is over capitalised will not be able to pay a fair rate of dividend to its shareholders since there is reduction in rate of return on its capital. Therefore, payment of dividend becomes irregular. In a condition of over capitalization the price of the company’s shares remains unstable due to speculative dealings which further combines to the losses to the shareholders. To know more about the effects of over capitalization in different fields refer Over Capitalization Homework Help.
• Loss to customers and loss to workers: Due to consistent decline in the income of the company, it tends to increase the price of its commodities but decreases the quality of the items hence the consumers suffer a lot since they pay more for degraded quality of the items. Since the overall income of the company decreases in an over capitalised company therefore it decreases the wages and welfare of the workers and neglects their demands as well due to which some of the workers might lose their jobs hence adversely affecting the workers. Over Capitalization Homework Helpwould prove very helpful in further apprehension of the theory and effects of over capitalisation.

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