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Firms and companies are growing these days like a vast ocean and there are many factors responsible for it. One of the biggest factor is efficient man power or employee record. The workers working for a company being honest to work and hard hitters are the driving force of the company. Their performance is well awarded also at every financial year. These awards can either be monetary, appreciative or post promotions. The parameters over which these awards are based are judged by the human resource team by performance management of an employee. In our Performance management homework help article we will discuss various driving forces responsible for performance management.

Performance management

Fostering employee motivation is one of the goals of human resource department in a firm. They solely dedicate themselves in the optimization of man power with increased productivity. They ultimately are also called as facilitator and enabler rather than an appraiser. Many activities such as joint goal setting, uniform progress reviews and better communication and feedback among the employees and authorities are a few complicated functions a human resource team enhances. In the resultant quadrant the training for improved performance, any development program implementation and rewards for their achievements are also keenly performed.

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Features for an effective performance management system

The following points compiled by our Performance management homework help team highlights the qualities of a performance management system employed by any human resource of a firm.

• It should cover a wide range of job in the organization
• It should understand the organization’s work environment and culture
• It should behave in a rather practical way to understand the needs of firm and employee as well
• A two way communication methodology between boss and employee is developed to ensure the optimized performance review concept.
• Monitoring and measuring of results and behaviours
• Taking both positive and constructive feedback for the betterment of process
• Inducing training and development programs for employee’s performance.
• Aligning the employee performance in the direction of business strategy

Performance management cycle

In our Performance management homework help article the performance management cycle is described as a step by step process in order to achieve a complete training program successfully. The following steps are present

1. Start of performance management cycle: identification of expectations from the staff and employee is done and a mutual agreement is made. One out of many result measurement ways is also identified and fixed. A monitoring process is defined according to which complete plan is documented further.
2. Ongoing performance management cycle: the above mentioned monitoring process is brought into action and the evaluation process is advised for the corrective actions.
3. Review and evaluation: annual performance review and evaluation is documented and after signing off, plans for beginning new cycle are initiated. Our Performance management homework help team experts are professionals working in the field and hence understand the importance of performance evaluation.

Limitations of performance evaluation

Although performance evaluation is considered to be one of the finest methods to make better employee decisions, it also have some setback too. They are

I. Appraiser’s biased nature if any
II. Standards ambiguity
III. Lack of evidences for the employee performance
IV. Strict tenancy
V. Average rating problem
VI. Post based biasness

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