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Performance ratio is the measure of efficiency of a photovoltaic plant. It is stated as a percentage which gives the relationship between the actual and theoretical energy outputs of the photovoltaic plant hence it shows that proportion of energy which is actually available for export to the grid after energy loss due to thermal and conduction losses is deducted. Performance Ratio is an important variable for evaluation of efficiency of a photovoltaic plant therefore thorough study of performance Ratio through Performance Ratio Analysis Homework Help would be appropriate. Performance Ratio is independent of the orientation of a photovoltaic plant and incident solar radiation on the plant therefore it can be used to compare photovoltaic plants supplying the grid at different locations all around the world. The operational efficiency of a photovoltaic plant or PV plant increases as the performance ratio value determined for it approaches 100%. But in real life 100% performance Ratio value cannot be achieved due to unavoidable losses which arise in the operation of the plant. However PV plants with high performance can achieve an 80% performance Ratio value.

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Factors Influencing Performance Ratio


Performance ratio is a purely definition based variable which might exceed the 100% value under the influence of certain factors, since performance characters of a plant are used in calculating the performance ratio which is determined under the test conditions. There are many factors influencing the performance ratio, to understand which, Performance Ratio Analysis Homework Help would serve a better option.

• Environmental factors- The temperature of the PV module is a factor on which the efficiency and performance of a solar cell depends. When the temperature of the PV module is low during occluded sky in winter, it operates efficiently when full solar radiation is incident on the cold PV module hence this generates a high performance ratio value. During winter and times of a day when the temperature is a bit less and the sun is low in the sky, the value of solar irradiation equals the power dissipation more closely than at other times therefore for this reason low value of performance Ratio is obtained than usual. For further knowledge about factors affecting performance ratio refer Performance Ratio Analysis Homework Help

• Others- When the measurement period is short, might be less than a month, in such a situation less number of measurements are available for reliable calculation of the performance ratio. Further due to conduction losses due to transmission of energy from the inverter to the energy export meter of the grid operator depends on type and material of cable used hence conduction losses would reduce the performance ratio value. It can be studied in Performance Ratio Analysis Homework Help.

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