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PESTEL Analysis is the mnemonic used to define Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Analysis. It is a marketing tool utilised to monitor and analyse the external marketing environmental factors which are related to the organisation. PESTEL Analysis allows the company to have a check on the whole working environment while working on a certain plan or project. It has also undergone a few alternations in the past and certain new elements have been added to it like ethics to ensure a demographic element in the research market. It is given in PESTEL Analysis Homework Help that PESTEL Analysis is also used in SWOT Analysis to calculate the strengths and weaknesses of the company. PESTEL Analysis Homework Help also discusses the various objectives of PESTEL Analysis which include identification of the important implications for the company.

Disadvantages of PESTEL Analysis

As we know, PESTEL Analysis provides a simple framework for the analysis of various external environmental factors but there are certain disadvantages too. They are mentioned below in PESTEL Analysis Homework Help:-
• PESTEL Analysis Homework Help highlights the fact that this analysis process is based on assumptions which make most of the decisions subjective. This is because they are based on the assumed data rather than original facts and figures.
• It can be a time-taking process because it is necessary to conduct this analysis regularly and companies hesitate to make such recursive cost investments. Other disadvantages of PESTEL Analysis can be studied in PESTEL Analysis Homework Help.
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