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A portfolio is defined as a group of assets which consist of stocks, bonds, cash equivalents, etc. and their counterparts as well which further consideration of the exchange traded and closed funds. Portfolios are handled by the financial professionals and they are owned by the investors directly. Portfolios are of great importance for the investors when it comes to investing in shares. Security is defined as a tradable financial asset or instruments which further include the equities and the fixed income and also the instrument which are similar to have that of the equities and the fixed income such as the equity warrants. Securities are classified into three main categories namely the debt securities, equity securities and the derivatives. Security generally represents and investment and gives a way to the municipalities and company to raise new capital. The monetary return which the holder of the portfolio receives is known as the portfolio return. Portfolio returns has dividends and capital appreciation as its main components. Further information about the portfolio returns and security returns would be provided in Portfolio and Security Returns Homework Help.Security return is defined as the difference between the monetary loss reduction and the cost of the solution divided by the cost of the solution.

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Features of portfolio returns and the security returns

The features of portfolio returns and the security returns explained in Portfolio and Security Returns Homework Help are given below
• Dependence portfolios on securities: Portfolios are merged with the securities to have better diversification answer hence provides protection against the risk of a single security therefore analysis of the portfolio returns is based on the analysis of the portfolio only rather than depending on the security analysis which includes analysis of specific types on securities. The return profile of security depends on the security itself but the return profile of the portfolio not only depends on the component securities but also the mixture and allocation and the degree of correlation the securities have. It has been discussed in Portfolio and Security Returns Homework Help.
• Objective of portfolio: Portfolios which are growth oriented tend to be a collection of the selected investments which would have price appreciation potential while the income oriented portfolios are a collection of those investments which have been selected for the current income of dividends they have. The features of the security returns are explained in the later section of the Portfolio and Security Returns Homework Help.
• Securities monetising the benefits: The securities normally do not tend to generate revenues but they act to reduce the financial losses which the company has been through. Quantitative approach for the return on securities is done through the calculation of the losses which is avoided by the investment which was made by the company. Hence the calculation can answer many queries such as if the organisation was paying too much for the securities.

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