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Strategy is derived from the Greek word “stratus” (army) and “ago”(leading). It is an action formulated by the managers in order to achieve the desired goal effectively. It can also be defined as the blueprint of decisions in an organisation that explains all the objectives and goals, various methods to achieve the goal, shows the company to a different level where it is desired to be. Strategic management is basically the management of various strategies implemented with the help of internal and external factors in order to achieve a desired goal. Strategic Management Homework help online provides basis of knowledge regarding the Strategy Management.

Strategic Management

It is project structure required to communicate or share ideas within the organisation. It is a continuous process where organisation is involved. It is made on studies and logical manner. Strategic Management reduces the pressure and frustration as everything is pre planned and scheduled and follows a procedure. It brings growth in the organization as well as gives opportunities to individuals to suggest their ideas. It is a cost effective and modern method to organize plans. It helps to stay stable in the market as the companies are notified about the upcoming events. The basic steps given in Strategic Management Homework help online are:-
•Analysis: – It is defined as the detailed examination of the structure of something. It also includes the evaluation of data by breaking it into its component parts for a thorough examination.
•Strategy Creation: – After completion of the analysis process the next step is creating a strategy. Here in this step Strategic methods are decided on the basis of which the company can decide whether it can achieve competitive advantage by those changes or not.
•Strategy Execution: – It is the process of deciding best strategies that is to be implemented. Whole structure of the organisation is designed. And on the basis of final decision strategy is developed.
•Strategy Evaluation: – Strategy evaluation is the final step of the Strategic Management process. Here the organisation makes sure that the organisational strategy meets the objectives. Some corrective actions are also performed.

Strategic intent-

Every company aims to thrive in the business they are operating, it is structure or motive they work for, Strategic Management gives clear idea about the guidelines they are going to follow up in order to meet the required agenda. A well intended strategy should control the authorities from being diverted to different theme and focus on the current scenario and goals.

Parts of Strategic Management-

Goals- It is a desired state or objective to accomplish. It is a set sight to achieve by the employee’s of the business. It also acts as a motivational role. It should be real and precise rather than virtual.

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