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Probability is the chance of happening of an Event. It is a study of random processes and outcomes. It is most important to achieve an educational standard in Probability and statistics that delivers an accurate mathematical sum without taking any external Structure of probability homework help. Probability has two approaches, namely,
1. Statistical: Let a trial be repeated any number of times under essentially identical conditions and let E be an event of it.The ratio of number of times (m) the event E happens to the number of trials (n) i.e.,m/n is called the relative frequency of the event E and is denoted by R(E). Then the probability P(E) of the event E is the limit approached by R(E) as the number of trials (n) increases indefinitely, it being assumed a unique limit value exists.
2.Classical: In a random experiment, let there be n mutually exclusive and equally likely elementary events. Let E be an event of the experiment. If m elementary events form event E(probability of happening of E or chance E ), is defined as

Basic Concepts

Random Experiment – An experiment in which outcome cannot be predicted but all possible outcomes are known is called as a Random experiment.
Sample space – The Set S of all possible outcomes of an experiment is called as sample space.
Event – The subset of a sample space is called an event.
For example: Let us assume tossing a coin.
The number of possible outcomes may be a Head(H) or a Tail(T). Hence, tossing a coin is a random experiment. The sample space would be H or T; sample space = {H,T}. And the event is denoted by H for head and T for tail, which is a subset of sample space.
Probability of getting a head (H) would be –
P(H) = (number of events favourable for H)/(total number of events)
= (1)/ (1+1) = 1/2

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Structure of Probability

When students and learners take Structure of probability homework help from professional tutors, the following traits can be added in the studies to explain them in a clear manner. Probability of an event can be in between 0 and 1. This is because, an event which may occur can be either positive or zero but it cannot be negative.
For example: In tossing a coin.

m – Event of getting a Head; then P(m)=1/2=0.5
n – Event of getting a Tail; then P(n)=1/2=0.5
l – Event of getting a Tail or a Head;
then P(l)=P(m U n)= { P(m) + P(n) }/[ P(m) + P(n) ]=2/2=1
q – Event of getting a Tail and a Head;
then P(q)= 0/2=0
* For an impossible event the probability is 0 and for a certain event the probability is 1.
* Addition of probability of complimentary events is 1.

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