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What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is a combination of three or more companies which are directly linked by one or more of the upward and downward flows of products, services, finance and information from one medium to another. The main focus of supply chain management is on management of relationships for the purpose of attaining better results for all the members of the supply chain. It is more systematic, strategic synchronization of the customized functions within a specific company and across businesses that are included in supply chain for the purpose of forcing long term functions of individual companies and the supply chain completely. Supply chain management homework help offer you crystal clear learning and understanding of supply chain concept for better and best understanding of the subject.

Concept of supply chain management

There are three main concepts in supply chain management that are given below:

• Network structure

The network structure is known to be most important factor in the supply chain, as well as most popular to maintain relationship between these players. It is not possible to involve supply chain management cooperative network that involve all the participants in business network. Many businesses choose to function in an organized manner.

•Business processes

It comprises all the business activities like placement of order, the distribution and the customer receiving the order and invoicing.


It involves the activities which are generally associated with managing and tracking the order that has been placed by the customer.
Supply chain management assignment help gives you clear view of all the three main concepts in a detailed manner which is helpful in near future for extensive learning.


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